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We live in a society where life expectancy has been increased by advances in medicine and where death is relegated to the distant future and it has been sanatised.

As a result the death of a friend or sibling
or a father or mother when one is a child or teenager or young adult is more devestating than any other period of human history because

it is so unexpected

and we are so unprepared.

This site is built to help grieving people to grieve,

to be equiped ,

to adjust and resume life ,

after a period of grieving

and to offer support to those who feel alone, empty and abondoned.

  • This site is dedicated to my late grandmother, whoes father died when she was only 10,
  • to the young man whoes brother died when he was 16 and those who comforted his parents dismissed his needs as a grieving brother
  • and the 25 year old whoes mother died and he was abondoned by his extended family.

Stages of grief:

  • Shock
  • Denial
    • Realisation
    • Adjustment
    • unexpected reactions
    • being comforted
    • still researching other stages